Why would someone use a fitness watch on a golf course? Well, best golf fitness watches help you with making better decisions on a golf course when you are new to the game and in case you are a master player, it will still help you in the game. Most of these watches are now made affordable and come with GPS tracker systems. There are a lot of golf fitness watches that are even programmed to work with your home golf simulator courses, but there are only a few which are the best. So, here is a list of the best golf fitness watches that you can buy and use to have a perfect shot.

  1. Garmin Approach S60

Its screen size is 1.2 inches and supports forty thousand courses and tracks activity as well as shot detection. This is one of the best golf fitness watches which bring as many features into one device as possible. It has advanced technology and swing analysis. PlaysLike is one of the new technologies included in this watch, offering distances that consider elevation. It is a bulky watch which the ladies might not like much. Its set of features is quite amazing and to some extent too much for most golfers.

  1. Garmin Approach X10

It has a one-inch screen and is compatible with forty thousand courses. It does not track activity and doesn’t detect shot. It’s designed like one of those traditional fitness unisex bands. You don’t get the shot detection or tracking activity. Since, we have apps, we barely use more functions that the watch provides. This golf fitness watch is not as costly as the Garmin Approach because of a simpler feature set. It costs about $200 on Amazon.

  1. Garmin Approach X40

It has a one-inch screen and detects forty thousand courses and does both, activity tracking and shot detection. The Garmin Approach X40 acts like an all day fitness tracker and consists of a golf GPS running track. It monitors the heart rate throughout the day and matches a Fitbit. The data in it includes information of more than thirty five thousand courses, pin position details along with hazards. It is very easy to navigate and it can also measure your drives. It can track shots if the feature is turned on. This is an amazing golf fitness watch and it’s worth buying if you’re really into golf. It costs two hundred and fifty dollars on the official website and Amazon.

Nowadays biking is a hobby of younger generation. Meanwhile, it is also quite famous among adults. Biking is becoming a useful way of exercising the human body and also source of adventure when done along hill tracks. Biking can be more sophisticated by wearing some good pairs of shoes as biking is all about foot work. Thus, it is quite important being a biker who knows how to select a good and sophisticated biking shoe. Shoes are available on the market with different brand names and price rate. But, a shoe can be called best if it has all the qualities required for being a best biking shoe. After reading this paragraph you might know to say what are best bike biking shoes?

Sports shoes vs Biking shoes?

Sports shoes are those that are used for sports with running activities like athletics, cricket, baseball etc. While, biking shoes are specially designed with strong material in order to have much greater useful life than general sports shoe. Thus, to select best bike biking shoes, they must have following qualities in it.

Qualities of best biking shoes

These are few qualities that a best biking shoe must have.

  • Best bike biking shoes must have a method to adjust them such as lace the person wants.
  • Best bike biking shoes must have soft and stable supports. It is much important because lower surface of feet is exerting force all the time in the pedal. Thus it needs to be soft enough to protect your feet.
  • There should be enough room in the shoe for toe or it can hurt the foot during biking.

If shoes you are looking on the market or online store have all these features than it can be considered the best for biking.

Best biking shoe

On market we can get many shoes that have these qualities and you might get confused about selecting the proper one due to huge number of options available. There are many brands that produce comfortable shoes with affordable price.

A biking shoe can be called best if it is comfortable enough for your feet and you can do cycling all the day with no part of feet peeled off. Thus, it is request to you people, if you are a biker and are in thought of buying shoes then please check above mentioned qualities and features of biking shoes. If you are buying online than you can check it after delivery and return if they are not good for you. Best biking shoe can make your biking experience more adventurous and memorable.

You have the right to live well, and without appropriate dressing code, you won’t enjoy your life to the fullest. The fact remains that dressing is the best part of human’s life. Dressing changes from time to time, in different seasons and reasons. Dressing code varies based on the purpose desired. The question why you need the best golf jacket is to give you the perfect look and satisfaction when you wear one. Staying confident and feeling protected all the time is what each person want in life and the golfer as well. Here is specification to focus on when purchasing a golf jacket:

The playability

You should get a best golf jacket that won’t restrict you from swinging freely but provides you with the best comfort while wearing it. Any distraction from the jacket can cost you a fortune, so you need to observe the zip position and all other zip aspects to make sure it does not become trouble at all. Purchasing a golf jacket with a collar-zip is most appropriate than a full-length zip. Having a golf jacket with correct zip reduces any frustration that can be caused by zip position. If it is a must for to have a full-length zip jacket, then the one that grips tighter should be your option.

Weather resistant type

There are different golf jackets designed for various purposes. The waterproof jacket usually is the one that keeps you dry through any exposure to water. The rainproof jacket protects you from a slight drizzle or shower. This type of jacket does not guarantee a full disclosure to the rain without getting wet. Windproof is another type that grants you protection against the wind. It is essential when you are playing on a cold, windy day that your muscle may get distracted from the wind that causes a bad drive on your golf ball.


Besides sportsmanship and daily weather consideration, still, there is the need to consider some critical factor such as the durability of the jacket. The fabric type and seam quality all contribute to the longevity of your jacket.  Therefore, please look for the right quality of fabric for your golf jacket type and the stitches.


The best golf jacket should have all the above specifications to keep you focused, and free from any kind of external disturbance during your game time. Get a perfect fitting jacket size to enjoy the greatness of having the best golf jacket for your game.

Golf regulations are the completely unknown to most golfers, most of the times this ignorance is derived from the complexity of the same. Also, in a given time, some golf rules can be intertwined with each other. Although if are not among professional golf players, as an amateur you’re curious to know a little about these rules.

A bit of history

In the beginning there were no rules in golf, as its first players were illiterate in the field the rules were cast by themselves. Until the year 1774 and the first tournament held in Edinburgh opened to a large number of participants where established some rules of general validity, thus the first 13 rules of golf were born. Little by little more and more rules are added later.

What are the golf rules made for?

Golf rules describe how to play golf, what to do, and what not to do. In total there are 34 rules, divided into sections, as well as the label, definitions, and appendices.

There are a lot of rules, and now you will understand why many golfers don’t use it all, for example, rules 1-6 defines the game, the way you play, game types, and the game rules from 7-12 behaviors in the Green among others.

How to start?

At the beginning, you will find the necessary information for the game, like the distance to the hole and the number of blows that you must give to play in the pair.

Where should you start?

You are ready to start the tour after you have carefully chosen the stick depending on the distance of the hit. Depending on the level of play and experience there are red, blue, yellow exits. Remember at a minimum a new golf player should have a beginner set of golf clubs.

The green is the most delicate area of the route, you must treat it with the utmost care. It is important that you follow these basic rules: do not leave the bag or passes with the cart on the green, always raises the bites, i.e., the impact that leaves the ball when it lands on the green. How do you end the hole? The hole ends when the ball enters it, when you put it in or when it’s in a good approximation form it. The hole is indicated on the green with a flag. When all the balls have entered, players leave the green and score is displayed on the card.

Helmet is very important for a biker from safety point of view. It has major function to guard our head from striking hard surface during accidents. Head is most sensitive part of human body due to presence of brain and other major sense organs. A helmet was initially design in simple look which was good enough to guard our head from injury. But nowadays we can find various model and design of bike helmets i.e. some are sporty, some are classy, some are cool and so on. So, you must select best bike helmet for yourself for better protection. Thus, which is the best mountain bike helmet? This question can be answered listing the qualities of a good helmet.

Qualities of best bike helmet

These are few qualities that a good bike helmet should possess are as follows.

  • Helmet should have very good ventilation so that head is always at comfort as overheated head is very uncomfortable. Though overventilated helmet can reduce the safety features of helmet.
  • Helmet should be build aerodynamic because drag due to helmet can hamper your cycling speed.
  • Helmet should have low weight as head is very sensitive part of human body and is not meant for carrying some heavy weight for long period of time.

For example- you can imagine a helmet of 1 kg and how would the biker feel wearing the helmet for more than 5 hours.

Can we say a helmet with all these qualities a best bike helmet? The answer is obviously because best bike helmet is one with above qualities as well as having no damage or crack in its structures.

Best Biking helmet

Best bike helmet can be choose based on the following description. There is some important feature that a best bike helmet should have in it. Good liners can absorb impacts in head whereas shells are designed for stress condition to hold the components together. Moreover, it is preferred a helmet to be single molded since single molded helmet will have light weight compared to other helmets. Any cracks in the helmet signs about the poor strength of helmet. So, you should never buy such helmets.

It is quite simple to shop a good helmet if you are clever enough. Please always look for above mentioned qualities in the helmet you are buying. Though the helmet may be branded but you should check for cracks and other damage because it is only safety you will look at that instant not the brand. Moreover, never prefer looks or design to safety because a perfect looking helmet may not protect you as much as a classic look helmet with good construction can do. Thus, best bike helmet is helmet that is safest.