The perfect age to start taking golf lessons

Parents with young children want to know when they should begin with their son or daughter with lessons. The answer to that question now takes on new meaning, since there is seven years old kid who is getting into golf. Having that perspective now as a parent has changed the answer over the years and you have asked yourself, at what age should you start golf at? After all, our children are entirely different with various interests and abilities.

Basic training

It depends on to how much interest the junior golfer has and, and if you wander at what age should you start golf at, then you should not wait until you become old enough to play. A golfer kid will develop the interest to play golf as early as at the age of 8-years. The moment your kid can lift the golf stick, basic training on aiming and on how to hold the stick can kick-start to the kid’s life.

Parental influence

So, what age should you start golf at? What I observed with a seven-year kid is his real interest in golf because it’s a way for him and his father to spend time together. He knows that golf is what his father does for a living, and he wants to be a part of what Dad is doing!  There is no greater feeling than having your son look up to you, and want to be like you.  It is a big responsibility that the father doesn’t take lightly.
Tiger Woods was introduced to golf at the age of 2 from his father and look at him now.

Talent and ability

Talent is a gift from God, and it is unique and unique to everyone. A kid with talent takes a short time to master skills related to the talent. Ability is how first a person can learn and do things. A kid with both the knowledge and talent is capable of acquiring all the required skill and master golf game the moment he/she starts to walk, talk and lift objects. The perfect age of such kids to start golf training sessions is 4 to 7 years.

In-born strength

You will agree to the fact that some kids are born strong naturally. You find a small kid doing extraordinary things. Have you seen martial arts? A 4-year-old kid can make impressive moves that will surprise you. If you get such kid to learn golf, you will positively be surprised.

The age varies from one kid to the other based on the kid’s strength, ability to master things and talent. A kid with all the three aspects is perfect to start golf game sessions at the age of 4 to 6 years.

So, if you ever need the answer to the question at what age should you start golf at, you got all the answers in the text above.

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