What is the minimum you should know about golf rules?

Golf regulations are the completely unknown to most golfers, most of the times this ignorance is derived from the complexity of the same. Also, in a given time, some golf rules can be intertwined with each other. Although if are not among professional golf players, as an amateur you’re curious to know a little about these rules.

A bit of history

In the beginning there were no rules in golf, as its first players were illiterate in the field the rules were cast by themselves. Until the year 1774 and the first tournament held in Edinburgh opened to a large number of participants where established some rules of general validity, thus the first 13 rules of golf were born. Little by little more and more rules are added later.

What are the golf rules made for?

Golf rules describe how to play golf, what to do, and what not to do. In total there are 34 rules, divided into sections, as well as the label, definitions, and appendices.

There are a lot of rules, and now you will understand why many golfers don’t use it all, for example, rules 1-6 defines the game, the way you play, game types, and the game rules from 7-12 behaviors in the Green among others.

How to start?

At the beginning, you will find the necessary information for the game, like the distance to the hole and the number of blows that you must give to play in the pair.

Where should you start?

You are ready to start the tour after you have carefully chosen the stick depending on the distance of the hit. Depending on the level of play and experience there are red, blue, yellow exits. Remember at a minimum a new golf player should have a beginner set of golf clubs.

The green is the most delicate area of the route, you must treat it with the utmost care. It is important that you follow these basic rules: do not leave the bag or passes with the cart on the green, always raises the bites, i.e., the impact that leaves the ball when it lands on the green. How do you end the hole? The hole ends when the ball enters it, when you put it in or when it’s in a good approximation form it. The hole is indicated on the green with a flag. When all the balls have entered, players leave the green and score is displayed on the card.

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